Top Amazing DIY Nail Art Ideas Tips and Tutorials

If you are someone who is artistic and enjoys fiddling around with nail polish then this article will delight you. You get to use your artistic mind and that too using your own nail as the canvas. The best part is that you get to experiment and flaunt a new look whenever you feel like it. For detail tips and ideas

Ombre nail art is a way of painting your nails so that have a shaded look with two colors to them. It is possible that you would have come across pictures of such art on nails. Here is what your require to achieve an effect like this on your nails this summer for the great look:

  1. Nail paint of two different colors that you want for your nails
  2. A top coat (has to be clear)
  3. Some sponge
  4. Nail paint remover and cotton bits

The basic and simple version of Ombre is the one using two colors; you are better of picking one in lighter shade and another in a darker shade. First thing you need to do before starting on this is to ensure that your nails are absolutely clear of polish and very clean. One of the tips to ensure that your nail paint dries quickly is to immerse your hands in really cold water for about ½ to 1 1 minute and then removing them.

Nail art is one hot beauty pattern that looks like it’s here to stay. Whether you’re a nail novice or an experienced nail technician, be inspired by these 10 DIY ideas.

When it comes to creating a show stopping manicure, there’s no better inspiration than LifeStyle YOU’s brand new show Nail’d It. Leading nail artists from around the US are asked to produce everything from 3D nail art to intricate designs. Put your best talon forward, with these 10 DIY ideas.

  1. It’s easier than you think to wear your preferred fruit on your fingers.
  1. Start your engines! This checkered nail art is a winner and so easy, even a nail novice could do it.
  1. Perfect polka dots? Just use a bobby pin.
  1. Think marbled manicures are the work of experienced nail technicians? Not so, amaze your friends by doing it yourself with thisnail art tutorials.
  1. Ombre nails are still a hot pattern and are so simple to do. All you need is a sponge, nail polish remover and a bit of practice.
  1. A stylish white and gold mani will brighten up any look.
  1. Your nails will be fresh as a daisy with this design.
  1. Meow! Give black Friday the finger with this super cute cat mani.
  1. And if you’re feeling really ambitious, why not give these cherry blossoms a go?
  1. Let your inner butterfly free! With the help of stencils, this look can be created in minutes.

The blooming flowers are loved by any woman. Whether it’s spring or not, the pretty floral designs are always on for the extra girlish look. Love for florals and good hands for painting are all that you need to experiment with awesome nail arts. Actually all these designs look complex however they are deceptively simple. This sort of multi-colored floral arts can be created by just using dotting tools or teeth picks. The polka dots add extra beauty and makes the complete nail artwork look elegant. Various colors being used for creating these toenail arts for the trendy elegant style personality.